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“Who Else Wants to Get Paid to Network, Increase Your Brand, and Get more contacts!?”

And Then Use It To Work Less, Live More, and Reach Your Goals Faster…
Without Talking to Unlike minded people!

From : Robert Blakely
Date :  Thursday 8:30 am

Social Networking is a contact sport! If you can find the right like minded
people to network with, your business could grow quicker than ever before.
The common problem that we all run into is unlike minded people everywhere we go!
As Full Time network marketers we understand the frustration in building a business
and finding the right contacts.

You could always keep going to Facebook and leave comments that don’t get any attention!
Or you can come check out our network of like minded people that want to work
from home Full Time.

We think we are a little different and that makes us a special place to be. With
our Like, Love, More, Less options you will know whether your on point or not for
what ever it is that you are posting or promoting.


The R and R Marketing

A New Social Network with tools for the average to advanced marketing network professional?
You can expect to meet with like minded people and increase your brand and contacts
by simply participating socially as most of us already do. Hey, and why not get paid
for that right?

There are 4 levels of membership based off of your marketing needs for tracking
and rotation purposes. Pick a plan that suits your needs and get in here and start meeting people.

Bronze Membership:

For The Socialite in all of us!

Do you like to Socialize, but dislike some of the other social networks that are out
there? If you are not marketing anything online then this is the best place to
start connecting with others to learn more about earning an income from home in the home based business arena.

  • 1.Profile Page
  • 2.Business Page
  • 3.Tracker Service :  2 link
  • 4.Rotator Service :  2 Rotators with 2 links each
  • 5.Earn up $500 per month for Referrals
Refer Get Paid Earn up to
Bronze 0 $500/month
Platinum $2 $5000/month

Platinum Membership:

For The Advanced Marketer

Shoot The Moon! My GOD your cooking with Crisco and you need lots of tracking
for anything that may come up in the future. This is the perfect plan for those
that plan to be around online for a long time.

  • 1.Personal Profile
  • 2.Business Profile
  • 3.Tracker Service :  50 Links
  • 4.Rotator Service :  25 Rotators 25 Links Each
  • 5.Banner Rotation :  20 Banners
  • 6.Private Messaging
  • 7.I will receive Messenger Service!
  • 8.I will receive 5 Splash pages!
  • 9.Earn up $5000 per month for Referrals
Refer Get Paid Earn up to
Bronze 0 $500/month
Platinum $2 $5000/month

Your Price Today :

Pick A Plan

If you can’t (Work Less), (Live More), and (Reach Your Goals Faster) then we
want you to fire us from your business!

But I’m confident you’ll stay in, you’ll implement our systems, meet new contact
and build more business relationships than ever before, and you’ll send us a
testimonial telling us how much more you’ve accomplished after finding us and using our site.

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Refer Get Paid Earn up to
Bronze 0 $500/month
Platinum $2 $5000/month




P.S. The R and R Marketing is a Recurring payment membership site.

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